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Employee Benefits Consulting

The focus of RE Sutton & Associates is aimed toward providing consultation services in the area of EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PROGRAMS. Our firm has built a solid reputation with a wide range of clientele through our unrivaled expertise, insightful analytics and trusted advocacy.

Our Scope of Benefits Consulting Includes:

  • Review and Provide Consultation on Possible Alternatives to Current Plan Designs to Address Employee Demographic, Legal Requirements, Benefit Trends, Inflation, Utilization and Financial Consideration
  • Underwriting Analysis of Renewal
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Creating Actuarial Rates
  • Claims Analysis to Isolate Problematic Areas
  • Interpret Claims Data and Develop an Action Plan
  • Summary Plan Description Audit
  • Mid-Year Renewal
  • Insurance Carrier Contract Renewal
  • Carrier Evaluation
  • Voluntary Needs Analysis
  • RFP Creation
  • Plan Design Modeling
  • Plan Implementation
  • Ancillary Lines of Coverage Renewal
  • Compliance Resources
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment Guide
  • Quarterly Employee Newsletters
  • Assist with Open Enrollment and Benefit Committee Meetings
  • Meet with Chief Financial Officer, Director of Finance, Board of Education or Any Additional Designees as Requested
  • Identify and Resolve Any Issues

Our Scope of Clinic Consulting Includes:

  • Vet and Interview Vendors
  • Develop and implement clinic guidelines to promote consistency
  • Implementation
  • Employee Education Campaign
  • Analyze clinic performance, client satisfaction and eligible employee participation
  • Monthly verification of covered clinic services and costs
Optimizing Your Business Goals and Objectives

Benefit Plans to Fit Your Specific Needs

Our range of services includes not only analysis and recommendations relative to programs, but also the ongoing coordination with Human Resource and Financial staff, and with employee committees, which provides for a consistent management and overview during the course of a contract year. This ongoing interaction is the basis of our service philosophy.

In addition to our Consulting Services, RE Sutton & Associates offers a wide array of voluntary programs and employee benefits for small employers and individuals.

RE Sutton & Associates provides annual seminar/workshop sessions for clients to keep them abreast of national and state legislation,  as well as other trends and developments that impact employee benefit plans. We produce a quarterly newsletter that is directed toward your employees.

Education, for both employers and employees, is a core element of our service.

Our Strategy

Using an exclusive five-step process we call Brown & Brown Anaytics, we:


… about your company and your objectives through a detailed assessment where we study all aspects and the current status of the organization


… your needs and establish goals by meticulously reviewing all of the current in-force plans, policies and practices in place


… a plan to meet your needs by collaborating with our provider partners and examining all of the tools and resources necessary. We will cooordinate and develop a timeline to meet our goals, as well as measure our achievements. Together with your organization we will develop a custom integrated solution, the road map for success.


… your plan, controlling costs and accomplishing goals


… on your behalf, keeping pace with the ever-changing benefits landscape. Listen to this interview with Richard Sutton, Diamond Award winner for Health Value Awards through the World Congress

Listen to Richard Sutton’s podcast