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According to the Department of Labor, nearly 31% of employers’ costs per worker goes to benefits on top of regular wages and salaries, and the share is even greater in some industries. This fact alone is why partnering with a company that combines a national presence with local representation and expertise is a must. We are focused on delivering innovative solutions that are built around your business strategy. Let our knowledgeable professionals help you navigate this complex industry.


Investing in health and performance programs is becoming increasingly important to attract and retain top talent. Engaging employees to increase ownership in their own health and financial well-being empowers them to become a smarter consumer and a more active participant in creating positive results. With studies showing that employees who are actively involved in their healthcare experience have better outcomes, the return on investment for organizations is high. At Brown & Brown, we make your people our business. You can create an employee benefit plan with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions to fit your company’s unique needs.


Getting the Most from Your Medical Benefits

  • Compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations
  • Renewal negotiations and vendor procurements
  • Budget development and ongoing financial monitoring
  • Actuarial support and analysis
  • Vendor management and customer advocacy
  • Plan document and employee communications review
  • Making / Developing Medical Plans that Work for You

Constantly increasing medical costs is an agenda item in any budget discussion.

Managing the cost of a medical benefit program while improving engagement, retention, and satisfaction can be tricky to balance. Brown & Brown helps you manage your medical benefits spend by developing competitive programs that offer the right combination of quality and cost.

Pharmacy Benefits

Providing Independent Prescription Benefit Consulting Services that Fit Your Needs

  • Clinical, financial, and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) oversight
  • CMS compliance guidance
  • Copay assistance program
  • Manufacturer rebate audit
  • Medicare data validation
  • Ongoing surveillance and annual pricing audit
  • Rejected claims analysis
  • RFP services
  • Strategic pharmacy vendor management solutions

Making Pharmacy Benefits Work for Your Company

Pharmacy is your highest utilized health benefit. Choosing the right vendor is critical to minimizing your prescription drug spend. Brown & Brown offers independent, data-driven auditing and consulting services to get and keep your pharmacy benefit costs under control. Our practical guidance can help you maximize your financial outcomes, eliminate pharmaceutical waste and abuse, and increase member satisfaction.


Offering Dental Plan Designs that Promote Well-being

  • Plan design, pricing, and funding review
  • Plan marketing and implementation
  • Cost to the consumer assessment
  • Claim and process audits
  • Claims analysis
  • Plan integration with health and well-being programs
  • Network evaluation (access, utilization, net effective discounts, and quality)
  • Education, communication, and enrollment support

Good Oral Health is Key to Good Overall Health

Employees rank dental as one of the most valued benefit coverages. It is important to ensure the best dental benefits are being provided for your employees. Brown & Brown can help you build an evidence-based dental plan that complements your health and well-being initiatives and creates a stable risk pool and drives optimal utilization.


Promoting Overall Vision Health and Well-being

  • Plan design, pricing, and funding review
  • Plan marketing and implementation
  • Cost to the consumer assessment
  • Claim and process audits
  • Claims analysis
  • Plan integration with health and well-being programs
  • Network evaluation (access, utilization, net effective discounts, and quality)
  • Education, communication, and enrollment support

Creating a Truly Transparent Vision Benefits Program

Brown & Brown’s consultative approach to vision benefits along with our research into current trends and customer-specific data allows us to recommend vision plan design options that promote overall health and well-being. Our strong relationships with carriers additionally ensure that plan participants receive high-quality educational tools.

Disability and Leave

Uncovering the Most Effective Disability Plans for You

  • Plan design pricing and plan funding review
  • Claims and reserve analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Claim and process audits
  • Return to work and ADA advisory services
  • Vendor management/development and monitoring of performance guarantees
  • Marketing and implementation of coverages

Protecting Your Employees’ Income and Your Workforce

Ensuring your employees’ income is protected while also maintaining optimal workforce productivity and overall profitability can be challenging. Brown & Brown’s expertise around streamlined claim processes, plan design risk management, and competitive pricing can help you achieve this balance. We work with you to review your disability plans to see how you can save time and money, reduce employee absences, and be in compliance with applicable laws.


Creating Robust Group Life Insurance Plans for Your Employees

  • Plan design and pricing analysis (contract, SPD, and certificates gap analysis)
  • Underwriting analysis (premium, claims, reserves, expenses, and trends)
  • Plan participation review and targeted enrollment campaigns
  • Life and accident claims audits and social security master file death sweep audits
  • Group and individual life options
  • Financial review (claims analysis, waiver of premium analysis, funding options, retiree liability, and buy-out)
  • Ongoing program support through our “adviser on retainer” service model

Boosting Your Employee Loyalty with Robust Benefits

Life and accident insurance may appear simple, but it takes an in-depth understanding of these products to build the most competitive programs. Brown & Brown is an experienced advisor and delivers group life and accident insurance solutions that enable you to drive savings and enhance your employee benefits program.

Voluntary Benefits

Bringing More Value and Resources to Your Employees and Their Families

  • Group Discounts
    • Entertainment
    • Travel
    • Health and Wellness
  • Life Event Protection
    • Auto/Home
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability
    • Long-Term Care
    • Group Legal
    • Identity Theft
  • Financial Wellness
    • Tuition Programs
    • Student Loan Programs
  • Health and Well-Being
    • Accident
    • Critical Illness
    • Hospital Indemnity

Helping You Attract and Retain Top Talent

Attracting top talent is a key priority for any organization to continue to grow and thrive. A robust voluntary benefit program can attract and engage a multi-generational workforce and bring a high level of value to any organization. Brown & Brown makes voluntary benefit program implementation, enrollment, and communication easy for you.

Population Health & Well-being

Optimizing Employee Well-being and Company Performance

  • Identify cost drivers – conditions, geographies, business units, networks, etc.
  • Review current solutions/programs in place
  • Perform a clinical and/or pharmacy assessment
  • Leverage on-site clinics
  • Develop a high-cost claimant prediction, warning, and monitoring system
  • Condition or issue-specific solutions

Driving Employee Engagement While Reducing Healthcare Costs

Healthier employees are more productive and higher performers. They have lower healthcare costs and are more likely to stay with their employer. Brown & Brown works with you to develop a comprehensive well-being strategy that will align with your business objectives and empower your employees.

Benefit Administration Systems

Providing Independent Council and Cost-Effective Technology Solutions

  • Strategic fit for your organization and your employees
  • Needs assessment
  • Cost
  • Current and emerging benefits administration technology platforms
  • Evaluation of vendors and technology partners
  • Education and decision-making support tools
  • Full program integration
  • Marketing and full-service implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring of solutions

Procuring Technology Partners that Fit Your Needs and Your Budget

The constantly evolving benefits technology marketplace can make selecting a first-time benefits administration partner, or upgrading your current partner, seem like an overwhelming task. Brown & Brown has undergone a significant vetting process, so we can recommend and implement a technology partner that fits your particular needs and budget.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Administering Customized Flexible Spending Account Administration

  • Health Reimbursement
  • Health Savings
  • Retirement Health
  • Well-being and Employee Credit Plans
  • Commuter Benefit Plans
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Health-Based Productivity Programs

Saving You Time and Money with Specialized Flexible Spending Account Options

Maximizing your employees’ tax-saving opportunities is not just ideal for current employees; it also aids in attracting top talent. Managing the complexities of these accounts, however, can be challenging for you and your employees. Brown & Brown’s employee benefits team helps you increase your flexible spending account plan’s efficiency and participation while easing the burden of administration.

Health Savings Accounts

Accumulating Long-Term Healthcare Savings Solutions

  • Employees get the benefit of tax savings and the convenience of payroll deductions
  • Contributions are 100% tax deductible, similar to an IRA
  • Employees maintain control over when to use funds
  • Since an HSA is a personal account, it belongs to the employee and is 100% portable
  • Withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses are never taxed
  • You benefit by not paying payroll taxes on employee contributions

Easing the Burden of Future Healthcare Expenses

A Health Savings Account (HSA) combined with a high-deductible health plan strategy provides employees with a valuable long-term healthcare solution. It is also a valuable tool in containing escalating healthcare costs. In addition to HSAs being used to accumulate tax-free contributions to pay for healthcare costs, they can also be rolled over from year to year for future use, including in retirement. Brown & Brown helps you evaluate and implement these programs.

Key Differentiators

Your exposures are unique and deserve equally unique options that provide appropriate coverage to reduce risk. By leveraging our experience, scale, and market strength, we work to guide you through the buying process.

With a team that is as connected locally as it is nationally, Brown & Brown provides
the personalized, dedicated service you want from a local agency, while delivering the
peace-of-mind that you expect from a top ten brokerage.

Cost Control Strategies

Increasing Your Employees’ Well-Being with Cost-Effective Employee Benefits Strategies

  • Consumer-directed health plans
  • Defined benefit contribution
  • Strategies to reduce drug cost
  • Population health and well-being programs
  • Favorable provider contracting
  • Stop-loss coalition
  • Self-funding/hybrid funding
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Reference-based pricing
  • Private exchange

Providing Independent Council and Cost-Effective Employee Benefit Solutions

Managing the ever-increasing costs of employee benefit plans can be a daunting task. Brown & Brown helps you manage your medical benefits spend by developing competitive programs that offer the right combination of quality and cost. Through our unique decentralized model, you can profit from the significant purchasing power and knowledge of one of the largest insurance brokers in the United States, while still receiving the personalized service and attention you deserve.


Keeping You in Compliance and Out of Distress

  • Healthcare reform/ACA compliance (1094/1095)
  • Form 5500/summary annual report
  • Wrap document/summary plan documents (SPD)
  • FMLA, Cobra, Section 125/cafeteria plan
  • Compliance notices (GINA, market exchange, Medicare Part D)
  • Minimum value and affordability testing
  • Nondiscrimination testing
  • Safe harbor determination
  • Control group rules
  • Variable hour employee (look-back period, administration period, stability period)
  • MLR rebate
  • W-2 reporting
  • Taxes/fees (PCORI)

Preparing You for Regulatory Compliance

Employee Benefit laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Having a broker you trust can help keep you informed of changing regulations and support you with needed employee communications. Utilizing our collective knowledge and technology services, Brown & Brown can assist you in staying abreast of changes in regulations to help keep you in compliance.